How Memory Is Affected From Hearing Loss

In most cases, hearing loss is related to aging and getting older. Sometimes it can be caused by trauma or issues from birth. No matter how the hearing loss happens, it will generate unwanted health issues in your body and can adversely impact your memory. 

Ways Your Memory Is Affected Due To Hearing Loss

Because you have hearing loss, how you react and what you feel will start to change. Over time, the complications below will make your memory start to blur and cause confusion. 

Anxiety and Confusion

Because you are now experiencing life without the ability to hear, you may become anxious and even paranoid. Not being able to hear emergency sounds or hear someone come into your home can put your mind in overdrive and have your hearing loss affecting memory. This is usually temporary and during the time when your anxiety is peaking at its highest. 


With the added stress onto your body and your mind, any disorders or conditions you have had lying dormant may be provoked. Keeping your body in a constant state of stress causes cortisol develop. If you have too much cortisol in your body, you can have temporary memory loss and confusion. To offset this memory loss, you need to reduce the amount of stress you are undergoing regularly. 

Cognitive Impairment

Because your body was used to communicating with others through sound, that is not happening with your hearing senses gone. You will need to turn your attention to watching people speak, make out the words and generate more energy into communicating that you did not need previously. With all of this energy being redirected, your memory loss could develop temporarily or even long term if you are not becoming able to communicate effectively over time. 

Isolation and Depression

These two complications of hearing loss are usually found in unison, causing more significant damage to memory loss. Because it is harder to communicate with others, you may find your new hearing loss too much to get out with and decide to isolate. Engaging socially with others is a large part of brain stimulation, so when it stops, there are consequences. Because you are not keeping your brain stimulated in the same way as before, your brain mass could potentially shrink, generating disorders like dementia. 

Do You Need Service For Your Hearing Loss?

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