Can Mood Be Affected By Hearing Loss?

According to the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), about 13% or 30 million Americans are either hard of hearing or deaf. Also, in every 1000 children born, two are born with hearing loss in one or both ears. Because of how significant these numbers are, it is important to analyze how the loss of hearing can affect one’s mental and emotional state. Does hearing loss affect mood? Take a look at some ways hearing loss affects one’s mental state.

Depression and Anxiety

Losing your hearing will make you feel like you have lost part of your identity. This is likely to bring feelings of sadness and depression. Symptoms of depression can include weight changes, slowed responses, crying, and disrupted sleeping patterns. Loss of hearing can also be a cause of anxiety. When individuals with hearing loss are expected to have a conversation with other people, they are likely to feel stressed and worried about missing out on parts of a conversation because they are struggling to hear.

Isolation and Social Withdrawal

Many people with hearing loss will avoid situations where it is difficult to hear what others are saying. They do not want to feel anxious, stressed, or even embarrassed about their situations. Unfortunately, withdrawal and isolation can contribute to depression, worsening the condition. Researchers at Gothenburg University did a study on 400 people between the ages of 80 and 98 to find how hearing loss affects moods and personalities. The study monitored the mental state of these people for two years and found that with time they became less outgoing. The frustration of being in situations where one will not be able to hear can make one avoid public spaces or meeting with friends and family.

Anger and Denial

Losing the ability to hear is a significant change in one’s life. One moment you could strike up conversations with anyone, and the next, you can hardly hear what other people are saying. As expected, this can be a huge adjustment for anyone to get used to. Often, individuals with hearing loss will be in denial about how bad the situation is.


Straining to hear what other people are saying will drain you quickly. This is because you are struggling and will use more of your energy than usual. Already, the act of hearing takes some of your energy from you. But when you find it hard to make sense of what other people are saying, you will be using more energy. Unfortunately, physical fatigue will also lead to mental fatigue, affecting your moods.

So, is change in mood connected to hearing loss? As seen, your moods will be affected if you struggle to hear what other people are saying.

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