Hearing Aid Evaluations in Vancouver, WA

It can be challenging to determine if you’re suffering from early-stage hearing loss. Many people know their hearing has been compromised, yet hesitate to schedule a hearing evaluation because they’re afraid of what it will confirm. At Vancouver Hearing Aid Center, we know it can be overwhelming to begin the journey of seeking help. We strive to provide every Vancouver, WA resident with the evaluation they need, in an environment that’s friendly, comfortable, and supportive.

Hearing Tests and Results

A hearing test is the first step in determining if you have hearing loss. A hearing test is something any person of any age can benefit from. Obtaining a baseline for your hearing helps you and your hearing healthcare professional evaluate the need for hearing assistance. The test results will help us determine the severity of your loss which aids us in the selection of the appropriate hearing device needed

Hearing Aid Evaluations

If your hearing test indicates the need for a hearing aid, we’ll gladly provide you with a hearing aid assessment. This involves introducing you to different hearing aid options that are applicable for your level of hearing loss. We’ll help you understand the options available to you, including how they work, what they look like, what their maintenance needs are. As always, we’re happy to work together with you to achieve success!

Hearing Aid Recommendation

After your hearing aid evaluation, we will make recommendations based on your lifestyle, budget, and hearing loss. We know all this information can be overwhelming for Vancouver, WA residents, which is why we take the time to talk through your best options with you. Trust our more than 50 years of experience to point you in the right direction, toward a hearing aid that will help you live a better quality of life each day.

Schedule an Evaluation

Schedule your evaluation with Vancouver Hearing Aid Center today by calling 360-695-4200. We’ll make sure you get a hearing test, understand your results and understand the hearing aid options available to you.