What to Know When Exercising with Hearing Aids

Today’s hearing aids are designed to fit the wearer’s lifestyle. That means a wearer can do anything with their hearing aids that they used to do without them. Thankfully, that even holds true for exercising!

Exercising with hearing aids isn’t just possible—it’s also recommended. Wearing your hearing aids while at the gym or playing sports helps keep you safe and ensures you stay in communication with other athletes when playing a team sport. But, as you can imagine, you need to take special care while exercising and after you’re finished with your activity.

Protecting your hearing aids while exercising

Moisture should be your number one concern when it comes to playing sports with hearing aids. Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are particularly vulnerable to getting sweaty or wet. When that happens, the circuit can become damaged. Luckily, you can easily prevent sweat from touching them by wearing a headband or investing in a sweat-resistant hearing aid pouch.

If you’re playing a physical sport like basketball or soccer, there’s always a risk of the hearing aids falling onto the ground. The best method to prevent that is using a clip to attach the aids to your clothes. Hearing aid clips are inexpensive and can save you from needing to replace your devices.

Protecting your hearing aids after exercising

You’ll want to perform some extra care after you’re done exercising with hearing aids. Thoroughly clean your devices after each workout to remove any ear wax or other debris. Additionally, you’ll want to use a hairdryer or air blower to get rid of any moisture.

If you’re an avid athlete, we recommend buying a dry box to store your hearing aids in overnight. A dry box is a storage container that essentially acts as a dehumidifier and removes any moisture you may have missed while cleaning them. Keeping your devices as dry as possible prolongs their lifespan, ensuring you shouldn’t have to replace your hearing aids anytime soon.

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