The Connection Between Hearing and Health

Hearing loss affects approximately 48 million Americans, according to the Hearing Loss Association of America. Unfortunately, research performed at Johns Hopkins found that there’s a strong link between our hearing and our overall health. Hearing loss can affect the way we walk and talk, and can even lead to mental disorders like dementia and depression.

A 12-year study that tracked 639 adults found that mild hearing loss doubled the risk for dementia, moderate loss tripled the risk and people with severe hearing loss were five times more likely to develop dementia. Continue reading to learn a little bit more about your hearing and your overall health.

How can you maintain your health?

Exercising and eating right can do wonders to keep us fit and help us live long and happy lives. But be sure to follow these tips when it comes to the hearing and health connection:

  • Schedule an evaluation: Because even minor hearing loss can be detrimental, one of the best things you can do when it comes to your hearing and health is to schedule routine hearing evaluations. A hearing evaluation by one of our specialists at Vancouver Hearing Aid Center can help to determine if you’re suffering from any hearing loss. If so, we can recommend a solution.
  • Get hearing aids: One of the solutions to help your hearing is getting fitted for hearing aids. A 25-year study found that people with hearing loss who wore hearing aids were less likely to suffer from cognitive decline than those who didn’t wear hearing aids. Of course, hearing aids aren’t the solution to all types of hearing problems, so speak with your doctor about the right treatment for you.
  • Stay active: Just like our muscles, our brains need regular stimulation to stay in shape. One easy way to keep your brain active is by speaking with others. Something as simple as talking with your neighbors can help keep your brain in shape and prevent cognitive decline.

How can a hearing aid help?

It’s important to note that hearing aids won’t completely restore your hearing. Instead, hearing aids will amplify the sounds you currently have trouble picking up. Depending on how severe your hearing loss is, you may only need to wear one device to help improve your hearing.

Is it time for hearing aids?

Your audiologist will be the one who ultimately recommends getting hearing aids. However, there are many indicators that you need to invest in hearing aids. If you have trouble hearing during normal conversations or if people tell you your TV volume is too high, you should see your doctor right away. Remember, your hearing will only get worse the longer you delay treatment.

Visit Vancouver Hearing Aid Center today

Even if you think your hearing is just fine, it’s still a good idea to get a hearing evaluation from time to time. Come see our specialists at Vancouver Hearing Aid Center to get your hearing checked to determine whether or not it’s time for hearing aids. Our friendly staff are available to answer any of your questions related to the hearing and health connection.