Five Reasons to Get a Hearing Test

Thinking about taking a hearing test? No matter your age, it’s important to have your hearing checked, especially if you suspect you might be suffering from hearing loss. The following five reasons for a hearing test should encourage you to address possible hearing loss complications right away.

Hearing loss affects your lifestyle

One of the key hearing test reasons for patients of all ages is that hearing loss makes life much less enjoyable, especially when it comes to engaging in social situations with others. If you’ve noticed that you’re struggling to follow conversations due to your hearing, you can already see how hearing loss can affect your quality of life in general. A hearing test can give you concrete answers as to the extent of your hearing loss; it’s the first step in taking action so that you can hear again.

Hearing loss affects your health

In some situations, hearing loss can impact your overall health and well-being. Your brain uses complex processes to hear and decipher sounds, and if your hearing isn’t as good as it once was, your brain has to work much harder to understand what’s being said. Studies show that untreated hearing loss directly correlates to a greater risk of developing dementia and even depression. Addressing your hearing loss can actually have positive implications for your brain function, allowing you to live a happier and healthier life.

Hearing loss is hard to notice on your own

As a general rule, it often takes 10 years for someone to realize they’re suffering from hearing loss. Hearing loss is a slow process, which makes it hard for people to tell they’re dealing with a problem since it slowly gets worse. If family or friends have encouraged you to take a hearing test, heed their advice so that you can get some definite answers.

Hearing tests establish a baseline

A subtle yet important hearing test reason is to establish a baseline for what you can hear. Even if you’re not suffering from significant hearing loss, or if your doctor hasn’t suggested hearing aids, it’s important to have a record of your hearing capabilities to establish a baseline. This gives the audiologist something to refer back to if you experience hearing loss in the future.

Hearing tests are painless

While it’s natural to fear any sort of medical test, hearing tests are completely pain-free. While your audiologist will check for earwax impaction or infection in your ears, it’s a simple process with virtually no discomfort. After this inspection, you’ll wear headphones and take at least two hearing tests to check how you respond to volume and pitch. It’s a simple and effective way to check for hearing loss.

There are many reasons for taking a hearing test. Since they’re so simple and pain-free, there really is no reason not to take one. Contact Vancouver Hearing Aid Center to learn more about the benefits of a hearing exam or to schedule your appointment today. We look forward to working with you!