How to Take Care of Your Hearing Aids

If you use hearing aids every day, you know how important they are to your enjoyment of life. When you follow some simple steps to take care of your hearing aids, you’ll increase their lifespan and ensure that they perform well for years to come. While there are many hearing aids on the market and they come in many shapes and forms, here are some general hearing aid care tips to remember.

Keep them dry

Every hearing aid is actually a remarkable piece of technology; there are complex circuitry and other technological components inside every shell. As you might expect, moisture can cause significant damage to the sensitive components inside a hearing aid. Even though today’s hearing aids are often advertised as water-resistant, you still should handle them with care. Remove them when showering or swimming, and store them in a dry place, especially if you live in a humid area.

Change the batteries

Unfortunately, hearing aids can receive damage from batteries that are left in them for a long time. If moisture enters the battery chamber, it can cause the batteries to corrode, resulting in significant damage to the hearing aids. Always remember to leave the battery door open when you’re not wearing your hearing aids. If, for whatever reason, you won’t be wearing your hearing aids for several days at a time, it’s smart to remove the batteries temporarily.

When changing batteries, be sure to clean the battery contacts by wiping them down with a cotton swab. Dirty battery contacts can create a poor connection and reduce the performance of your hearing aids. If you’ve noticed a change in the quality of sound from your hearing aids, give the battery contacts a quick cleaning, and see if the situation improves.

Watch out for earwax

If your hearing aids aren’t performing like they once were, clogged earwax might be to blame. Since it’s not possible to keep these devices from encountering earwax, you need to clean them frequently. After wearing your hearing aids during the day, use a dry cotton swab or soft toothbrush to remove any debris, and be sure to clean both the microphone and the receiver.

Change the wax filter

After cleaning your hearing aids, it’s smart to check the wax filter of the device. The filter is the last line of defense for keeping wax from reaching the inner components of the device. If you notice any buildup on the wax filter, you should replace it immediately. Since different devices use different filters, consult your local hearing professional for advice on choosing the right filter for your hearing aids.

Hearing aids are miraculous devices, but they only work as advertised if you follow proper hearing aid care procedures. A little bit of effort on your part can extend the lifespan of your devices and ensure that they’re always performing as well as they should. Reach out to Vancouver Hearing Aid Center today to learn more about some simple steps to take care of hearing aids.