Common Hearing Aid Issues and How To Fix Them

Getting a new hearing aid is probably one of the most joyous occasions you can experience. You have probably been anticipating hearing all the beautiful sounds that you’ve been missing. Restoring sound quality is impeccable and is the best part of an audiologist’s job. However, there is typically a transition period with hearing aids that you must adjust to first.

Common Hearing Aid Issues & Solutions

Here are some common hearing aid issues to look out for 2022.

No Sound

It’s possible to put a hearing aid in your ear and still not hear anything. While this may be alarming, there is usually a simple fix that you can do right from the comfort of your home. If you purchased your hearing aid over the counter, there is a chance that the device may be insufficient or defective. However, if you purchased it from an audiologist, they will ensure that your hearing aid works during your initial fitting.

A few suggestions to try at home are:

  • Check the power switch
  • Check the battery
  • Check the volume
  • Check the cleanliness

Uncomfortable Sounds

If the sound quality you are experiencing is making you cringe, there are simple ways in which you can adjust it. Avoid settling for a sound that is too loud, too choppy, or too soft when there are solutions for each issue. Many devices can be programmed to remain at optimal settings that you customize. Ensure that your settings are accurate, and then try these troubleshooting tactics:

  • Inspect the battery for corrosion
  • Inspect the controls
  • Inspect your hearing

Feedback & Whistling

Whistling and squealing can create startling sounds, but this is also a simple fix. Hearing aids create feedback when you have an improper fit, damage, excessive volume, or when encountering friction. Here are some quick fixes to prevent the jarring sound and produce pleasant listening:

  • Power up after placement
  • Lower the volume
  • Steady your head and hand
  • Check for damage
  • Schedule a fitting

Uncomfortable Fit

It is not abnormal for your hearing aid to feel a little “off” at first. It’s similar to wearing your first pair of contacts or getting your ears pierced. Your brain focuses on the new sensation, making it more noticeable for a time.

However, you will soon have forgotten that they are there and you can enjoy an improved quality of life with perfect hearing restored. If you are having trouble adjusting to your hearing aid experience or having pain or slippage, there are some things you can do depending on your discomfort.

For example, if you are experiencing headaches and stuffiness, some patients find that lowering the volume during the adjustment period helps ease this transition.

Hearing aids can expand your horizons to enjoy work, family, hobbies, and much more in ways you have never experienced. Audiology associates are thrilled to work with you in restoring this ability so that you can reclaim the life you deserve.