What Is an Audiologist?

If you are experiencing hearing problems, it may be recommended that you see an audiologist. However, you may be wondering what an audiologist is and where you can find one in Vancouver, WA. Audiologists are doctors that specialize in working with ear and hearing problems. These professionals can provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your condition, as well as help you determine the best methods of treatment.

If you are in need of a hearing aid, it’s recommended you be diagnosed and fitted by a professional hearing specialist in Vancouver, WA.

How does someone become an audiologist?

Just like others in the medical profession, audiologists go through many years of school in order to receive a master’s degree or doctorate in their field. Common degrees held by audiologists can include a doctor of audiology degree, doctor of science degree in hearing and balance sciences or doctor of philosophy degree in hearing and balance sciences.

Audiologists have taken their courses at accredited schools and usually gone through a curriculum that includes anatomy and physiology, psychoacoustics, clinical practices and much more. They must also have passed certain certification exams and completed hundreds of hours of clinical practice. All that being said, requirements can vary based on the state in which you live.

Where do audiologists work?

Audiologists can work in any number of settings that might require a hearing professional on staff. Most hospitals and clinics have an audiologist on staff to help when there’s a patient who’s experiencing hearing loss or utilizes a hearing aid. Universities and even many public schools across the country have professional audiologists on staff.

Many audiologists have set up their own private practices that specialize in hearing and balance problems. At these types of practices, you can receive a hearing diagnosis, get fitted for a hearing aid, have a hearing aid repaired and much more. Other types of settings that sometimes require an audiologist on staff include military sites, Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals, government facilities and more.

Reasons to see an audiologist

If you are experiencing hearing or balance problems, it’s best to see an audiologist right away. Some prefer seeing their personal family doctor first, but if the problem is with your hearing, your family doctor will likely recommend visiting an audiologist. This is because audiologists specialize in hearing and have seen a multitude of patients with hearing problems. Audiologists can treat people of all ages and will offer the best treatment options.

Even if you are experiencing an uncommon hearing problem, chances are an experienced audiologist has dealt with that problem before. Additionally, an audiologist will not only recommend whether you need a hearing aid, but will also be able to have you fitted for one. Choosing a hearing aid can be a complicated process without any help, and an audiologist offers the best help you can get.

If you are in need of a hearing aid, hearing aid repair or similar services, contact Vancouver Hearing Aid Center today to meet with a hearing specialist in Vancouver, WA.