Connecting Your Hearing Aids With a Smartphone

Hearing aid technology has advanced so much over the years that you can connect them to smartphones. Both Android and iPhone devices can integrate with modern hearing aid devices. The following is some information about hearing aid brands, features and how you can use them with mobile phones.

Top Hearing Aid Brands

There are many hearing aid brands from which you may choose. The names of some of the high-quality ones are Earo, Lively and Lexie. Cochlear is another company that provides hearing aids. They are one of the biggest names you can choose, but all of them are above average.

Hearing Aid Features

Now that manufacturers have made such monumental improvements, you’ll enjoy a vast assortment of features with your headphones. First, you can send your calls and play your music from your phone to your hearing aid. Secondly, you can set the volume in one ear more or less than the other. Another great enhancement is the ability to check battery status or find a lost hearing aid. 

How to Connect Hearing Aid to Smartphone

Connecting your hearing aid to an Android device is straightforward. First, you’ll need to go to your phone’s settings and then to the Bluetooth menu and "Pair Devices." Once you activate the pairing, you’ll see your hearing aid show up on the site of pair-ready devices. You can easily select your hearing aid and start using it to listen to music or make calls. 

To pair a hearing aid to the iPhone, you will need to open the battery door on your hearing aid. Next, go to "Settings," then "Accessibility" and then "Bluetooth." Turn your Bluetooth service on if you see that it’s off. Next, you go to "Accessibility," "Hearing Devices" and "MiFi Hearing Devices." Select your hearing aid once you see it show up on your list. You may have to wait up to one minute for it to start working, but you’ll be pleased with it once it does. 

Now you can close the battery door on the hearing units. The device’s name should show up in your Bluetooth menu as something you can select. Choose it if you have the option, and then enjoy your unit. 

You can now enjoy using your hearing aids with a smartphone and take advantage of most of your smartphone’s fantastic features. Get connected today and hear your favorite music and caller’s voices in an exciting new way.