My Hearing Aid Is Too Loud—What Should I Do?

Hearing aids can significantly improve quality of life for people who struggle with hearing problems, but it can take some time and effort to optimize hearing aid performance and maximize the benefits of the technology. One of the most common concerns for hearing aid wearers is what to do when a hearing aid is too loud. If you’re having trouble dealing with hearing aid volume problems, keep reading for some advice to fix the issue.

What causes a hearing aid to be too loud?

Understanding what causes a hearing aid to get too loud can make it easier to find an effective solution to this problem. In most cases, volume problems with hearing aids arise when the environment is very loud or there are a lot of competing noises in one place. Since hearing aids are designed to amplify sound to make it easier to hear, they also amplify these noisy environments. Unfortunately, amplification in environments that are already noisy can cause volume issues that are very disruptive and uncomfortable for hearing aid wearers. What’s more, these issues make it even more difficult to follow along in conversations.

What to do with a loud hearing aid

If you’re having problems with a hearing aid that’s too loud in certain environments, here are some tips to keep you comfortable and avoid any damage to your hearing when there are lots of loud noises around you:

  • Find the quietest spot in the environment: Since hearing aid volume issues usually come up in very noisy environments, one of the best ways to prevent the problem is to identify the spot that’s quietest and go there. Stay away from amplifiers and other sources of noise that will sound very loud with your hearing aids.
  • Tell your companions it’s too loud: Many people who wear hearing aids prefer not to draw attention to the devices, but communicating with the people you’re spending with about the problems you’re experiencing is a good idea. If the environment is so loud that you need to turn off your hearing aids, it’s important to let others know you might have trouble hearing and that they should speak up and face you so you can read their lips and have an easier time following conversation.
  • Consider having your hearing aids recalibrated: While many of the volume problems caused by noisy environments are unavoidable, there are others that can be fixed with a professional recalibration and fitting to make sure you’re getting the most out of your hearing aids. It’s also a good idea to consider investing in new hearing aids if your current model is outdated or old.

Hearing aid services

If you’re wondering what to do with a loud hearing aid, reach out to the team of experts at Vancouver Hearing Aid Center. We are a full-service hearing aid center with over 15 years of experience providing our clients with the highest quality hearing aid solutions and services in the industry. Whether you’re looking for help calibrating your current hearing aids or you’re interested in exploring new hearing aid options, our team is here to help. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.