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Hearing aids have become sophisticated electronic devices that have contributed a great deal to the treatment of hearing loss. There are many hearing aids on the market today and in the past several years we have seen remarkable improvements in their quality and sound processing abilities. At Vancouver Hearing Aid Center we dispense a variety of hearing aids including digital, digitally programmable, bone conduction and power hearing aids. We also offer many assistive devices such as vibrating alarm clocks, personal FM systems, and telephone amplifiers.

Our fees include a professional fitting by a licensed Audiologist/Hearing Aid Dispenser, and up to a 3 year factory guarantee, a 30 to 60 day trial period (length varies depending on the device purchased), counseling and continued follow-up care.

We want our patients to enjoy wearing their hearing aids and feel good about their purchase. In an effort to provide quality control, accurate fitting, and competitive fair pricing, we have established a hearing aid program with the highest of standards. We encourage you to research new hearing aid technology and discover what these new instruments have to offer. Better hearing could be just an E-mail away! For an appointment please contact us.